Wesmark Ambulatory Surgery Center

420 W. Wesmark Boulevard
Sumter, SC 29150

Wesmark Ambulatory Surgery Center

420 W. Wesmark Boulevard
Sumter, SC 29150

What to Expect

Before Surgery

In the days prior to your procedure you can expect to be contacted by the following surgery center personnel:

Preoperative Nurse
At the time of scheduling, a medical history form will be mailed to you. We ask that you complete and return this form to us at least one week prior to your procedure. This form is very important because it allows us to get a clear picture of your medical history so please make sure you complete the entire form. Once we receive the completed form one of our preoperative nurses will review it and contact you with any questions or preoperative instructions.

Patient Financial Counselor
The Patient Financial Counselor will contact you by mail prior to the day of your procedure to give you an estimate of your personal portion of the cost of your procedure. This estimate is based on the procedure (s) your physician has scheduled and the type of insurance plan that you have. (Note: You will not receive a call if we do not expect you to have a patient portion.)

It is important to know that this only an estimate. Sometimes the surgeon needs to do more or maybe even less during the procedure than what is originally scheduled. These changes may affect your final financial responsibility to Wesmark Ambulatory Surgery Center. Once the claim has been processed by your insurance, you may receive a bill for the balance due or refund if you have overpaid us.

Payment of co-pays, coinsurance, and any deductible amounts that are due are expected on the date of your procedure.

At least one day prior to your procedure you will receive a call from our scheduler. At the time of this call the scheduler will confirm your arrival time, review any special instructions, and disclose any patient responsibility due on the date of service. If you are unable to keep your appointment you may contact the scheduler at 803-905-5590 ext.123.


Day of Surgery

For your comfort and safety, there are several factors to keep in mind prior to your surgery/procedure. Unless otherwise directed, the following instructions are required for anyone having surgery.

  • Do not eat or drink anything, not even water, after midnight unless otherwise instructed by your physician or facility nurse. This includes gum, mints and hard candies. Surgery may be cancelled or delayed if you have not followed these instructions.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to get into after surgery.
  • Do not wear any perfume or cologne
  • Remove all body piercings
  • If you wear contact lenses, bring your lens case and solution as these cannot be worn during surgery
  • If you wear dentures or have removable bridgework you will be asked to remove these prior to your surgery
  • Since Wesmark cannot be held responsible for lost items, we ask that you leave jewelry, anything of value and concealed weapons at home.
  • In the case of children and minors, comfort items such as blankets, toys, pacifiers, I-pads, etc may be brought to help pass the preoperative time. With infants and toddlers, please bring an empty bottle/sippy cup and diapers/pull-ups.

If you are scheduled for cataract surgery or scheduled to have surgery performed under sedation or anesthesia, you will be required to bring a responsible adult with you. This person will be talking with the surgeon after your surgery, receiving post-operative instructions, driving you home and being available to you for at least overnight following your surgery. This person will need to remain at Wesmark for the duration of your time here. If you arrive at the Center without your responsible adult, your surgery will need to be rescheduled. Any exceptions to this policy will need to be cleared pre-operatively with your surgeon and our Medical Director.


After Surgery

If your procedure required sedation or general anesthesia you will be taken to our recovery unit where you will be closely monitored by our staff. You will remain in recovery until your physician or anesthesia provider feels you are stable and ready for discharge. All patients having surgery or a procedure in the facility will receive verbal and/or written discharge instructions prior to discharge.

Returning Home

DO NOT drive or operate machinery.
DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages.
DO NOT sign legal documents.

Closely follow your doctor’s instructions about recovery.

If you have any questions about your Surgery or recovery time, please call your personal physician for details.

We will call you at home to ensure you are feeling and doing well.


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